Five years have gone by since the day that broke the hearts of countless John Wetton fans.

Five years since John said goodbye, changing life as we know it, and leaving a void behind which could be filled only by the immortal notes of his music.

Five years that saw the world going through an unprecedented test and being frozen in its steps, for long, silent months.

As the planet laid dormant and ran frantic at the same time, the world of JW took a respectful step back, putting projects on hold and waiting for everything to heal. However, the die was cast and the quiet times gave many of John’s friends, family and associates a chance to reflect and pay tribute, contributing their personal stories to the creation of the ultimate homage to his immense creative talent.

Like in all the best stories, there’s laughter, tears, love, passion, angels and demons, the roller coaster of, you guessed it, an extraordinary life.

Thoughts from Geoff Downes: Right now I am thinking back to what is exactly 5 years since we lost my great friend and musical collaborator, John Wetton. Not a day goes by without raising a thought to his memory. I miss his company greatly, not just in musical terms but also his wonderful sense of humour and friendship. That is something I will always cherish. But with that sadness, comes great joy that I was blessed with his presence in my life. The many songs we wrote together are timeless, and will hopefully be played, enjoyed and remembered for all eternity. That alone is cause for celebration. So John, I salute you dear friend. “Ride Easy” and “Till We meet Again”. GD x

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