Dear Asia fans,

By the time many of you read this you will have heard that I have had to cancel the  Asia 30th Anniversary tour of the UK  this week.  I was given less than a 10% chance of playing the tour.  On Thursday afternoon I had lost my battle and under strict  instructions from my Doctors I was told  I had to cancel .  By this time I could hardly  stand up to the infection.  E-coli had  completely taken over.

I have always been proud of the fact that I have never cancelled a tour in my professional career, in 47 years  as a musician.  It had always been a personal goal of mine to maintain this feat, now sadly lost.

I would like to say to the people of  Holmfirth and my  home City of Birmingham,  and to all the other places we were about to play, please accept my deepest apologies.

I would like to thank all of the people involved, including the Promoters and all of  the Management involved in helping me through this terrible experience I am going through with E-coli.  The messages and support from band mates have been so warm.

Most of all many thanks to Asia fans for being so understanding.

Carl Palmer